Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Services in Lancaster, TX

While most believe they should be good to go after installing a new air conditioning system, many do not realize the importance of maintaining their systems, especially with a trusted A/C service and repair company like Air-Bon from Lancaster, TX. In fact, it is extremely important to have your air conditioning units checked for maintenance on a yearly basis. This will allow your unit to save energy and work more economically in the years to come.

Your units and systems, most of the time, need only the simplest of procedures done and checked to ensure it continues to run smoothly, allowing you to live and operate in your home or business comfortably. They consume a large portion of your energy and power bill every month, and properly running units can cut your energy bill upwards of 25% each month. However, without proper maintenance or service, it can lose around 5% of overall efficiency for every year you don’t get it checked out by a professional. By simply hiring Air-Bon to service and repair you’re A/C units on a regular basis, you could double the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

Most importantly, with proper service and repair to your A/C units, you could drastically better you and your family’s health. Poor air quality in your home or business can contribute to health risks which include problems with your respiratory and immune systems. Having your Air-Bon professionals take care of your systems can save not only your pocketbooks, but your bodies, too.

Our professionals will check to ensure all of the following factors are working properly in your air conditioning systems:

Refrigerant charge, electrical readings, air flow, lubrication, thermostat, fan motors, air filters, fan belts, condenser air flow, refrigerant pressures, electrical, fan relay, contactor, reversing valve, drain lines, indoor coil, capacitors, temperature exchange, measure super-heat, inspect condenser coil, measure sub-cooling, defrost control, compressor operation, crankcase heaters.

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