Heat Pump Services in Lancaster, TX

Heat pumps are a great alternative to save energy in your home or business, especially if you live in an area where climates and temperatures do not experience too many extremes. In Texas, it is rare that we experience temperatures that exceed the norm, hence why heat pumps could be a great energy-efficient solution to have in your residence or place of business. The professionals at Air-Bon in Lancaster, TX, are not only the perfect people to install something of this manner, but who are also highly skilled and trained with such a unit.

Heat pumps act a lot like a refrigerator does. They move heat to places that need heat, and move cool air to places that need cool air. Their main job is to transfer heat to places where it’s required. For example, during winter months, heat pumps find any hot energy from outdoors and move it into your home. While in the summer months, it moves heat from inside your home to the outdoors instead, which always allows your home or business to be comfortable inside. Since its primary function is to move heat rather than to generate it, heat pumps can be cut down to about a quarter of the cost compared to what your conventional heating and cooling system would be. Thus, it not only saves energy, it saves consumers money, too.

Two types of popular of heat pumps are:

  • Air to Air
  • Geothermal

Most times, you would see heat pumps that function as air to air in one’s home, moving heat from the indoors to out, or from the outdoors to in. Geothermal heat pumps, however, transfer heat from your house to the ground or a nearby water source. While these type of pumps are pricier to install, they require less operating costs, and can cut energy prices down to an additional 30%-60%.

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