Expert Heating Repair & Maintenance Services in Lancaster, TX

The importance of maintaining your heating systems in your home or business is about just as important as getting your car oil changed or tires rotated.  In order for the system to work efficiently during winter months without skyrocketing your electricity bill, having a professional from Air-Bon in Lancaster, TX service and repair your system if necessary is highly recommended for optimal efficiency and comfort during cold seasons. In fact, it is important to have one of Air-Bon’s professionals come out to your home or business and service your heating unit at least once a year.

It is common for people to normally forget about having professionals check their heating systems. However, without proper maintenance of your heating units, your equipment could be voided its warranty, or break down when you need your system the most.

Especially in areas like North Texas, where freezing temperatures are frequent during winter months, making sure that your system is ready for such extreme temperatures is highly important for all who will be residing in your home or walking into your place of business. Not only is it miserable to be living in a home with a neglected heating system during the winter, it could be detrimental to one’s place of business if this is the case. Allowing your business to be too cold during business hours could cause customers to be physically uncomfortable, and not want to browse or visit your store at all. Having your heating system checked by professionals at Air-Bon in Lancaster, TX on an annual basis will not only better your heating system, but better customer experiences in your business as well.

Our professionals will check to ensure all of the following factors are working properly in your heating systems:

Refrigerant charge, electrical readings, air flow, lubrication, thermostat, fan motors, air filters, fan belts, condenser air flow, refrigerant pressures, electrical, fan relay, contactor, reversing valve, drain lines, indoor coil, capacitors, temperature exchange, measure super-heat, inspect condenser coil, measure sub-cooling, defrost control, compressor operation, crankcase heaters.

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